The Arms Race

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Re: The Arms Race

Post by crfriend »

The results from the "experiment" in changing the registration mechanism are in, and I have to say that it was a whopping big mistake. The work-load on the mods went from 3 or 4 bits of junk per day to well over sixty. By consensus we decided that it'd be best if we revert to the "old" method of letting the 'bots register and then dealing with the junk on a piecemeal basis.

I suppose this is a case of "live and learn".

Cheers, all, for the New Year!
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Re: The Arms Race

Post by Mugs-n-such »

Grok wrote:The human immune system comes to mind. Occasionally a new strain appears that bypasses the old defense.
This is just an aside, it's not really related to the main theme here, but speaking of the immune system, I've been reading "What Darwin Didn't Know". It's about the marvels of the human body and it's wonderful reading. I recommend it to any out there who want to review/update their biology knowledge. Sorry about this a propos if it's inappropriate. :oops:
P.S.: A hearty thanks to the mods and admins, I didn't realize it was so much work!
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Re: The Arms Race

Post by Since1982 »

It is interesting that the world's youngest BILLIONAIRE ... STILL needs no advertising on his main site. That business is like the "Emperor's New Clothes" we all know they are there, we just can't see them. A business of buying and selling shares instead of palpable, touchable, physically usable THINGS. Promises of items are always worth more than real items. :faint:
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Re: The Arms Race

Post by Grok »

Early this year there was a bit of a discussion about spammers on the The Fourth Turning web site. At the time (just after a bout of spamming) the tactic discussed was registration by a real live human, followed by automated spamming. This afternoon another spammer appeared, creating his own thread, and then spamming older threads. I decided to wait awhile and see what happened. Within a few hours the new spammer was reported by a member on the Spammers thread; affected threads were listed.
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