Transgender Issues

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Transgender Issues

Postby Bob » Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:51 am

SkirtCafe is not a transgender forum. It is not focused on the changing of peoples' gender identity as it is on the expansion of male gender identity in the wider society. That said, I would like to emphasize that everyone is welcome at SkirtCafe, no matter what their gender identity. We have a topic of conversation, and anyone is welcome to partipcate in that topic, no matter what their point of view. As Master Barista, I just ask that we all be honest with each other about who we are and where we're coming from.

From time to time, transgender people decide to participate in SkirtCafe. I would like to emphasize that Rule #1 --- mutual respect --- applies to everyone in this establishment. There are no exceptions or qualifications to that "everyone" word. Everyone can expect that they will be respected as human beings, and everyone is required to give that respect.

In the meantime, we have many people here with unique perspectives. Over the years, I have been greatly enriched by hearing from them all. I am proud of this community --- in its diversity, civility and welcoming nature to all who wander through its doors.
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Re: Transgender Issues

Postby Jack Williams » Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:41 am

Good on you Bob! I would say this one of the finest sites on the dreaded internet. No "stickies" is also a big plus! Jack.
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