New Sub-Catagory in Fashion Section

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New Sub-Catagory in Fashion Section

Post by r.m.anderson »


How about making a new section (sub-catagory) in the Fashion Section?


Previously the forum had a post "What did you wear out and about today?" 30 pages
Started by crfriend 04feb2006 and last post by Bob 01Jan2008

Another similiar post "What are you wearing typing this?" 5 pages
Started by Big&Bashful 23Dec2006 and last post by Since1982 28May2007

And yet another post "What are we wearing as we post?" 3 pages
Started by Since1982 22Jul2007 and last post by Binx 15Aug2007

Presently a posting "What did you wear out and about today?" Part 2 19 pages
Started by rig0r 02Jan2008 and last post by Superdave 12Oct2008

Perhaps these 4 previous sub-catagories can be merged into the new one keeping the
previous history in one location.

This will simplify all the "what are we wearing" into one central sub-catagory location.

Any comments from others on the forum?

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Re: New Sub-Catagory in Fashion Section

Post by Since1982 »

I don't think that works. "What are we wearing" is no different than "What are we wearing as we post". It doesn't infer we are out in public skirted, "what are we wearing out and about" does infer we are out and about in public skirted. That's why I post to this thread instead of mine we post..When the first "what are we wearing" thread came out probably 10 percent of our membership or less went kilted/skirted anywhere except in their houses or back yards with timer cameras. Now, probably 50% does go out in public kilted/skirted some of the time, and fewer go out all of the time, but this is changing as we get more empowered with our and our friends results and experiences. My vote is for keeping the "What are we wearing out and about" type thread. perhaps adding "in public" to it. Edit fixes things like that. Just a suggestion. 8)
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Re: New Sub-Catagory in Fashion Section

Post by crfriend »

r.m.anderson wrote:How about making a new section (sub-catagory) in the Fashion Section?

Note: this is written from my personal perspective, not the perspective of a moderator. Caveat lecteur.

Well, there are two separate "classes" in that notion, which is why I first started the "out and about" thread (with the implication that it was "in public"). There's a function and a place for both.

"What are you wearing now?" carries with it the implication of immediacy -- i.e. "what am I wearing as I type this" -- whereas "what did you wear 'out and about'" bears the implication of, I just got back from somewhere and I'd like to relate my experiences. Personally, I believe that the latter carries a bit more weight when it comes to inspiring those who haven't sallied forth from the confines of home.
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