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Free Talk Live

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As I explained in a previous thread I’ve been on US radio spreading the word of Men’s Fashion Freedom & if you’ll follow the following link you’ll hear me doing my bit.

This is not the first time I’ve appeared on Free Talk Live

The reason I’ve chosen Free Talk Live to spread the philosophy of Men’s Fashion Freedom is that it’s actually quite an appropriate platform. Firstly its an essentially a libertarian talk show & libertarians tend to be more open minded in regards to individual liberty. Secondly the show is usually syndicated nationwide so I can get the word out across America.

However so far I’m the only Men’s Fashion Freedom practitioner to phone in so I thought urge others to especially if they live in the New England area where the show broadcasts from. However if you live anywhere in the US & can ring in (1-800-259-9231) between 7pm-10pm EST it will help the cause of Men’s Fashion Freedom.

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