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Re: Coffee Lovers

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I am Scottish and haven't drunk tea for about 50 years. I own a serious coffee machine that grinds the beans first. I buy beans that cost at least double the price you would at in a supermarket but they taste infinitely better. I have been to Bewleys in Dublin but can't recall the quality of the brew. In any case I prefer a different Irish brew. Guiness in Ireland just tastes better than it does anywhere else but Caffreys is even better but I can't remember the last time I saw it on sale - even in Ireland. I once got dragged into Starbucks by a friend who was impatient for a coffee. I wouldn't even call that pitifully weak concoction coffee.
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Re: Coffee Lovers

Post by denimini »

Kirbstone wrote: Sat Feb 11, 2023 3:59 am I'm amused at Denimini talking about his beverage preferences when the temp. is over 40 degrees Centipede.
Plenty of iced coffee this week.
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Re: Coffee Lovers

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Back to UA's picture in the snow; and Deni's 40C brew; I recall pictures of the terror on the tourist face in Yellowknife when the guide tossed the coffee in the air at -40C :shock: (yes, that is 'minus'40C) & the steam of our fresh poured brew freezing on the rim as the aroma rafted up!

Anthony, try an Aero-press -- compact, convenient, quick -- closest you'll get to hand-pressed espresso, done with after-market screen filters--nothing to recycle save the grounds and what's in your kidney!
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