A skirted day, and evening, out to a classic movie

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A skirted day, and evening, out to a classic movie

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Had a fantastic day yesterday 😃 Drove S.E. of Waco, TX., to see the ORIGINAL Phantom of the Opera,
in a theater built circa 1925. Needs restoration but that's S L O W L Y underway 😃 Listened to a good
friend 'play' the film. Great seeing old friends again 😃 Now, my sinuses are acting up 🙁
I TOTALLY HATE POLLEN :!: :!: :!: :!: Eyes are itching 😐 Gonna go back to bed 🙁

Uncle Al
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EDIT: When in line for popcorn, etc.,(I put one item back as I only took $5 to the line)
one of the guys stated that since I had the courage to wear 'my outfit', he would
give me the returned item. I asked him if he would ever try a skirt. He, sheepishly,
said no. I said 'you don't know what you're missing'. I added that 'you're no longer
having that 'barb-wire' seam riding where you don't want it to be'. He paused, looked
up and away, grinned and said "I never thought of it that way", and had a bigger smile.
Hmm.....Maybe a future convert :?:
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