Rings and things - Men wearing jewelry

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Uncle Al
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Rings and things - Men wearing jewelry

Post by Uncle Al »

I've read many posts here about men wearing jewelry.

I believe that the type of work the person does affects the non-wearing of certain items.
When I used to work around heavy machinery, table or hand saws, etc., I wasn't allowed
to wear my wedding ring. Well, my hands had 'expanded' and I couldn't get my ring off.
Therefore I taped the ring on my finger, so that nothing could catch the edge of the ring.
I've seen the results of men losing fingers because their ring got caught in machinery.

Much later, I worked on a computer keyboard, typing info into the 'system'.
There, a ring was OK - no danger of it getting caught and tearing off my finger.
Same for bracelets - no danger of them getting caught in any machinery.

I think that Moonshadow can attest to the danger of working/fixing machinery,
that some jewelry items CAN be hazardous to a persons health and well being.

Most electricians don't wear jewelry (rings and bracelets) to help avoid getting
an electrical shock, or killed, due accidental contact with a "Hot" wire.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I got my ears pierced to wear ear studs. I really enjoy them.
My wife, before she passed, gifted me with ear studs and help me pick out some sets.

So - wear what you want, just be careful in what ever you're doing.
Stay safe :!:

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Re: Rings and things - Men wearing jewelry

Post by moonshadow »

Yep... while working with machines and tools that have a lot of moving parts, it's best to avoid jewelery. I know a lot of techs in my field have switched over to those silicone wedding rings, they way if they get caught on something the ring will snap long before your finger does.
Uncle Al wrote:
Sun Aug 07, 2022 12:49 am
Most electricians don't wear jewelry (rings and bracelets) to help avoid getting
an electrical shock, or killed, due accidental contact with a "Hot" wire.
Necklaces too... I've hovered over many-a high voltage (480) terminal blocks, the last thing you want is for that necklace to brush up against it while it's wrapped around your neck.
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Re: Rings and things - Men wearing jewelry

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

Rings can be very hazardous.

A friend accidentally shorted the battery in his truck when he was replacing the batteries (24V truck), and forgot to disconnect the negative terminal first, and while undoing the positive terminal with a socket driver, contacted the vehicle chassis, the current path through the socket driver, through the ring to ground. Result: red-hot ring within about 2 seconds and quite a few unmentionable words which probably don't appear in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Also, playing hockey while wearing a ring is hazardous, and crunching a bit of soft flesh between the hockey stick and the ring is a wakeup call> I speak from experience there...
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Re: Rings and things - Men wearing jewelry

Post by rivegauche »

I think contact sports are way too dangerous irrespective of jewellery so I avoid 'em. The only jewellery I wear as a man is a watch. When wearing skirts and dresses I always wear scarf, earrings, necklace or pendant, watch and bracelets but might pull back on some of these if presenting as a man in a skirt in public. The bracelets become a nuisance when using a keyboard but not dangerous. I am not married but I find rings uncomfortable, wearing them only occasionally when presenting as a woman with painted nails.
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Fred in Skirts
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Re: Rings and things - Men wearing jewelry

Post by Fred in Skirts »

I do not wear rings at all never have. Not even a wedding band as at one time I worked around a lot of moving machinery. Also when I was in the US Air Force I worked on radar and aircraft guidance systems Both in shop and on the aircraft. One of my crew was jumping out of a cargo plane and caught his wedding ring on a bolt in the door frame. He ended up de-gloving the finger and had to have it removed. For those of you who do not understand de-gloving google it.
BEWARE it is not pretty to look at the images.. :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
Now I still do not wear rings just can't stand the rubbing of the ring on my finger. :(
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