A good Ronald Reagan joke

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A good Ronald Reagan joke

Post by moonshadow »

This has been on my YouTube suggestion list for a few weeks and I've just not gotten around to listening to it...

I have to say... it was pretty funny....

I think you all will enjoy it.

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Re: A good Ronald Reagan joke

Post by Kirbstone »

Now somewhat of a period piece, but Ronald told it well on that clip.

It's a pity we all have to pass on, but if we didn't, there'd be no room for the young things. I see this all too clearly in my 'dynasty', 15 of whom were present at our recent family wedding, from our eldest, now 51 down to our youngest gt./grandchild, just 7 months.

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Re: A good Ronald Reagan joke

Post by Faldaguy »

This one just made it to the new President of Costa Rica, thanks to you -- and my passing it along to a friend who is in daily contact with him -- we may hear it repeated back before long!
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Re: A good Ronald Reagan joke

Post by Knickson »

A quality Joke from a Quality President .
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