A Gift for Everyone

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A Gift for Everyone

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The best gift is love JPG 2021-12-18.jpg
Compassion and Understanding of, and for, humanity doesn't "cost" any money :!:

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Re: A Gift for Everyone

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"I don't care how many times Bing Crosby sings 'It's the most wonderful time of the year', it's not, and nothing can possibly make it so." Thus was my crack at the "Island of Misfits" (what was once upon a time the piano bar) this afternoon to my usual cast of pals at my local after listening to it for the umpteenth time.

It's full of overblown expectations, false hopes, and a mistaken belief that things may get better. The last may have been true 60 years ago. Not today. Things are a mess and are only getting worse. So, yes, a bit of sensitivity and compassion is warranted at the moment, because no matter how badly you happen to have it, somebody is likely feeling it worse. Don't be part of the problem, and if somebody needs a shoulder to cry on, offer it if you have the strength yourself.
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Re: A Gift for Everyone

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The winter Solstice is at 15:59 GMT (or UTC) on 21st December 2021 when the earth has reached full tilt away from the sun and begins its journey back again. For those of us in the UK (and the upper Northern Hemisphere) this means a turning point away from the dark mornings and nights which give us short days and for the Southern Hemisphere it is the opposite: Summer Solstice.

Wherever you are it is a time of changes and as the world changes we can also grasp an opportunity to make any changes (or none) that we wish. You can do this any day of the year of course, but there is something magical about this time of year that makes us (me at least) ponder and plan.

None of this is anything to do with organised religion (or John Cleese). It is steeped in the ways of the earth, sun and the moon, of seasons and of time, however, if you feel blessed, then you are. If you feel a renewed, then you are.

I went for a walk up a local hill today, the valley was cold and foggy, but I climbed through it to a beautiful sky and a warming sun. Then on the way down the moon was peeking through the foggy sunset. To me there is nothing better than a walk up a hill by myself to clear the mind and yes I had a skirt on too (and thermal tights).
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