U.S. Debt clock

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Re: U.S. Debt clock

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Moon, regarding packaging, I hate it when you get, for example, a box of cereal that's only half full and when questioned the supplier says "it's to allow for settlement." Settlement, my *rs*. It's not only dishonest but it's a waste of packaging as they could supply a box half the size. Also weights may be given "including packaging."

Thank you r_k for some response to my question. I didn't know about velocity in regards to money.
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Re: U.S. Debt clock

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Sinned wrote:
Tue Nov 02, 2021 11:09 am
Also weights may be given "including packaging."
At least around here everything still says, "net weight". That means not including the packaging. I think there are serious penalties if that is false.
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