Up skirting in New York....

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Re: Up skirting in New York....

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As for being nervous with heights, I will say that I have a healthy respect for heights and the safety precautions required for such...(I am certified for safe work at heights)..

Try doing work on antennas at the top a 50m radio tower from a man box under a crane or mounting and panning a 19 GHz microwave dish at 65m high on the top of a loading silo, and then once you're finished the crane operator takes you for a ride to the limit switch.
In the case of the loading silo job, the crane reached 85m above the ground, it's a good view when there's nothing around you and the job you're working on is 20m below you, until the man box begins to spin round and round after the breeze catches it.
I had fun with my phone camera there...We always document the job with photos included. Just don't drop your phone from 85m if you want to get the photos off it.
These days I don't do very much tower work...I'm too busy designing and commissioning the networks and getting others to do that job, but given the chance I'll go for a ride to make sure the job is done properly.

I've never gone skydiving, but I love planes and getting into the air, which I have done probably 400 times in the last 13 years, from 3 seat helicopters (Bell 47) and Cessna 172s to joyride flights in a Boeing 747-400ER.
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