How green is "GREEN"

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Re: How green is "GREEN"

Post by Ray »

I’m interested in air source heat pumps.

When we had our house built in 2015-17, we looked at ground source heat pumps - but the cost was too much (us$30,000). Instead we have an oil fired external boiler, with our electricity primarily coming from solar panels.

Add extensive amounts of insulation, and our annual heating and electrical costs are US$1,500 (£1,150) and $1,000 (£700) respectively. The house is 4,000 ft2. We produce excess electricity from April to October for which there is no payment (it flows into the National Grid with no feed-in tariffs.)

Therefore our excess electricity would work well (a) feeding an air source heat pump, or (b) charging an electric vehicle. In a perfect world, the latter could act as a big battery to power the house. That’s not possible at the moment, but OfGen (industry body) are looking into solutions for that (stopping the automatic flow of electricity from car to Grid, allowing car to power house).

Options, options. I do want to stop using fossil fuels if at all possible. Climate change is real, and I want to do better.
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Re: How green is "GREEN"

Post by Sinned »

Ray, have a look at the thread "To the progressives here" in Off Topic, Moon and I have started a discussion on heat pumps. I am skeptical about heat pumps and may be reading misinformation. I know that Moon is a source of 1 which is hardly comprehensive but he seems to know what he is talking about, provides information that researchable and verifiable. He has a lot more credibility in my eyes than half most of the dimwits on the net.

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Re: How green is "GREEN"

Post by Dottie »

Wind turbine gearboxes, I can help here on my property I have 3 x 2,000kw turbines. They use Mobil fully synthetic SHT 320 WT oil about 60 ( British ) gallons It comes with a 10 year service life warranty. Now seeing that the expected life is 25 years I am looking to run the oil to the 12 year point should the oil test results come back clear at 10 years. As an added bonus end of life disposal will be in a furnace , shame to waste the opportunity for additional heat !
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