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Re: New family member

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So have I. Up to recently we had four, two in the 'cat barn' and two quite separate in the garage block. One of the garage cats died and the other, always a sociable puss has taken to coming into the house. Just tonight she has climbed onto our conservatory roof and from there gained access to my upstairs windowsill. My window is open, hinged on the side, so I woke at midnight with her tucked snugly in beside me. I don't mind as she can easily exit through the window to do her business outside. She's lonely. That's the truth of it.

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Re: New family member

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Living with several cats, mostly female, they can be quite sociable one minute and tearing each other to shreds at the drop of a whisker, and without any rhyme or reason that we can discern! We know about tail talking and how to read other visual cues, but two cats facing each other absolutely motionless, with no other visual clues, there is obviously other communication going on that we just cannot see. That they are all familiarly related seems to make not a jot of difference.
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