Enjoying nature

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Enjoying nature

Post by greenboots »

Some years ago, we had a blackbird in our garden that we nicknamed cheeky - he once came into our kitchen to catch the flying ants [0] that were emerging from a hole in the corner cupboard. After that, he would appear from time to time at the back door, presumably looking for food. I was reminded of this incident when I read an article in the Guardian. (This one's especially for our Antipodean members)

Magpies in the kitchen: the joy of earning the trust of a wild animal

[0] It appears that they are not a species of ant, but rather the late stage of the ant life cycle - virgin queens and males, who will mate and then establish a new colony.
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Re: Enjoying nature

Post by Freedomforall »

I agree. Nothing is quite as gratifying as living in harmony with the creatures ofnature and earning their trust.
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