Wisdom from a napkin

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Wisdom from a napkin

Post by crfriend »

A napkin, of all things...

However, thus it was so when I ventured out to an old local haunt that I hadn't been to in years. Not only was I warmly remembered by the publican and ran into another old pal, but when the place-setting was put out the napkin contained the following:

"To share in the Irish existence is to wear the mantle of an unruffled philosopher in a troubled world. It is to tweak the nose of the mighty, to exalt the humble, and to find a style of life that to others is only a dream."

Quite eloquent if you ask me -- and I think quite apropos here, no matter if you have Irish blood in your veins or not.
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Re: Wisdom from a napkin

Post by Fred in Skirts »

Words to live by!!
And from a napkin to boot.
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