UA style counter to TN's proposed bathroom law

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UA style counter to TN's proposed bathroom law

Post by Faldaguy »

I'll post a link to this decade old blog that had an amusing image, just sharing the smiles, UA Style: :D ... o1_500.jpg

I suspect the image has shown up here before as a google search shows it with several entities; but thought it germane to the once again backlash about gender issues in a proposed Tennessee law (& a bunch of other, mostly "red" States). I don't know what happened to it, but the old blog for "Men fed up with Gender Norms" from 2011:
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Re: UA style counter to TN's proposed bathroom law

Post by moonshadow »

Boy the Tennessee state legislature sure is obsessed with transgender women...

I'm wondering if those pesky "men in dresses" barging their way into little girls restrooms are really such a widespread problem down there, or is this "a solution looking for a problem"?

Nevertheless, I've not been paying attention to the "current events" scene in a while, so when I saw your post, I wondered, "ghee, what's Tennessee up to now...?" So I googled "Tennessee bathroom bill" and got to a CNN article that linked to this:

Yeah, it's childish and ridiculous, and underscores how absolutely juvenile politics has become (and why I'll waste no more time on it [politics]). But on the other hand, to my surprise, the bill as I'm reading it, doesn't forbid a trans-woman to use the women's restroom, it just requires this ridiculous obnoxious sign to be posted in facilities that allow them use of the room.... I guess so that any bigots in the area will have a warning that their world view is about to be threatened....

Honestly, I have some advice for the trans-women lobby and ACLU... this is probably about as good as it's going to get from Tennessee... take the win. In fact, I'm surprised they are even allowing this, and I suspect the only reason for the amendment is likely a combination of blowback from corporate America, and the feds may have threatened to pull federal funding had they not been more accommodating towards trans-women. So the GOP legislature in Tennessee fires back with this proverbial and passive aggressive "middle finger". Again, childish? Yes. But this is probably about as good as it gets.

Also, you'll note I've not mentioned the LGB, and for the "T", I'm only referring to trans-women, as the LGB and F2M-transgender men basically have universal acceptance across all fifty states. It's those pesky trans-women with their "raping penises" that are the nation's boogie... man!

Because you know, anything with a penis can't be trusted... Unless you're a straight Republican white man, you can trust them, they wouldn't lie. :roll: :wink:
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