Merry Beltane!

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Merry Beltane!

Post by moonshadow »

Since they sent me out of town for the week to help the Lexington office, they gave me this weekend OFF CALL (this would have been my week). Apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo, she normally screws me with a cold rain when I'm off.

Not so this weekend...

Saturday: Wall to wall sunshine, highs in the mid 60's.
Sunday: Partly sunny, highs in the mid 70's.

Not sure what I'm going to get into this weekend, but it seems appropriate to light the brush pile Saturday night. (it is Beltane after all!)

The Merry Month of May! My FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR.... THE LONGEST TIME BEFORE WINTER! Summer's about to get going again... Happy days are here again! :cheers:

Wonder if any of these local Lebanese know what a May Pole is...? :mrgreen:
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Re: Merry Beltane!

Post by STEVIE »

And right back at you Moon.
However, don't mess with a namby pamby Maypole just have a huge bonfire instead.
There is actually a Scottish Beltane Fire Society.
In case you were wondering, human sacrifice is entirely optional.
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