Covid 19

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Re: Covid 19

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Sinned wrote:
Fri Apr 02, 2021 10:33 am
The latest is that the UK invested £21m in fitting out the Halix factory in the Netherlands where the disputed vaccine is being produced with the guarantee that the vaccines came here. The EU spent nothing.
The reason why the price for the EU is so low is because AZ received €336 million Euro up front to make a supply beforehand. This is just part of the €2.1 billion the EU has invested in production facilities across Europe. If you compare that to the number of doses received that makes AZ probably the most expensive of all.

I won't say everything went well, 'cause it didn't. But this rubbish about "the EU spent nothing" is stupid.

To say nothing of the millions of doses sitting in an American warehouse while the FDA hasn't approved it, but also can't be exported.
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Re: Covid 19

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.... To say nothing of the millions of doses sat in EU countries' stores because their leaders ( France and Germany come to mind among others ) so rubbished the safety of the AZ/O vaccine that substantial numbers of their populations distrust the vaccine at a time when they need to get the doses into people's arms. I'm not saying that the EU don't invest in medical research, most governments do as it's in their best interest to do so - all I am saying is that in this particular production facility they didn't take the opportunity so they should shut up and keep out of it. Investing in production facilities is one thing but producing what? They obviously didn't get in on the ground floor of the Covid-19 vaccine and that's where their problem lies. I know that if I were AZ then I would be rethinking their strategy of where their production facilities are located the way the EU is treating them. As we know multinationals can switch facilities for the skimpiest of reasons. I prefer the current action to the war of words the EU is embroiled in at present.
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