Sick and Tired

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Re: Sick and Tired

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I don't know much about Mr Biden but I doubt there are many similarities between a (perhaps) slightly left of centre, elderly US politician and a raging, right-wing fascist dictator. Indeed his predecessor perhaps bears closer comparison.

Sure looks like you are referring to Trump.. I don't really care about your opinion I was just pointing that this is not a Trump blog
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Re: Sick and Tired

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There are a lot of comments about a locked than unlocked posting I seem to have missed it could someone please point me in the direction
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Re: Sick and Tired

Post by JennC03 »

oldsalt1 wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:20 pm
There are a lot of comments about a locked than unlocked posting I seem to have missed it could someone please point me in the direction

What a Stalin Quote About Rigging Elections Reveals About the 2020 Election <--- This thread was locked before anyone was even able to respond to a post made.Heed warning there maybe things said that will hit a nerve I warned you.
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Re: Sick and Tired

Post by Jim »

moonshadow wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 1:51 pm
Uncle Al wrote:I've read here that many members of this Cafe' have become prime members of the BMW Society.
That's not the automobile club. Bitch, Moan and Whine :!:

Hmmmmm.... :|
JennC03 wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 1:47 pm
I'm exiting
Yeah, I think I'm with you on that.
Come on, Moon and Jenn. It's good to have your sensible voices here. Many of us agree with you on many of your political points.
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Re: Sick and Tired

Post by denimini »

There are some good positive things happening now such as posted on another thread.
pelmut wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 12:34 pm
Here's a bit of good news
Thankfully we are all individuals and have different views, thoughts and beliefs, for whatever reason we end up as we are. As individuals we need to be community minded for the survival of life on this planet. It is evident that some don't succeed or even try and despite their personal dysfunctions it should not stop us from pursuing this endeavour.

We have topics about skirts and kilts where we are all kind and thoughtful towards each other while having very different tastes in style and purpose.

We also have a section called Off Topic where there have been some great discussions about trains, boats and other interesting stuff. Recently this category has had a lot of posts about political stuff, for obvious reasons. Why can't we maintain our courtesy to each other about this topic?

From a personal perspective I preferred to avoid the political threads as I get enough of that elsewhere. As a moderator I feel compelled to read the posts but I don't feel compelled to respond. I just don't have the time to respond in a thorough and meaninful way as some other members seem to. By reading these posts I am exposed to attitudes and beliefs that I personally can not understand and I see references to unsubstantiated claims. This is good for me because previously I would have written off the purveyor of such propaganda as a ratbag, redneck or nutcase. When the person is someone that I have developed a respect for in other areas such as wearing skirts, having a wicked sense of humour and being an accomplished organist, I maintain that respect although still disagreeing and perhaps abhorred with a particular point of view.

I too would be very sad to see some other good members disappear because of differing political views. There are heaps of good threads about wearing skirts, new members who need your encouragement, and many of us appreciative of photos of skirted men in a totally different part of the world.

I am not a cricket player but I often use the strategy of letting some balls go through to the wicket keeper.

Although I believe that we should be able to discuss these things in a civil and rational manner, sadly it seems prone to the same problem of the forum getting filled the same way as underwear purportedly does ........................
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Re: Sick and Tired

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Several of us probably deserve a well placed kick "in the pants" (doesn't fit here does it) for our responses on the political threads. Finding more ways to unite on what we can is admirable; yet in some ways it is the very fact that all of us here do share some key values, and have a surprising range of interests and expertise, is the very reason I do find the comments on politics, divisive as they can be, worth while. Outside of this site it really degrades into name calling and worse, without ANY meaningful exchange or opportunity to learn usefully from another perspective, so I hope we can retain the off-topics -- and walk away when we need, but only from that thread, as we do all have useful things to add in the other parts of the forum. I'll volunteer for the first virtual kick!


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Re: Sick and Tired

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Faldaguy wrote: I'll be watching for the fork in the road!
Here you go :D
A Fork in the road 2016-03-16.jpg
(Sorry - I couldn't resist ;) )

Uncle Al
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Re: Sick and Tired

Post by Sinned »

As was said, "a wicked sense of humour." Nice one!
I believe in offering every assistance short of actual help but then mainly just want to be left to be myself in all my difference and uniqueness.
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