A Tiny Houseboat

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Re: A Tiny Houseboat

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Not sure of the exact official wording, but to qualify for cheap campervan road tax the vehicle must have 2 meter headroom under a fixed high roof, a functioning sink and cooker, also a bed of sorts. All seats, folding or fixed to have adequate safety belts.

MOH's VW 2.7 camper gets away with Eur 98 PA. A 'normal' 2.7 of that year would attract something like Eur 1100 PA. They changed calculations in 2008 so my late model 2.0 Volvo V70 attracts just Eur 200PA, which here is regarded as 'cheap'.

Combined with opportunistic insurance premiums and heavily taxed fuel, motoring in Ireland is expensive. Vehicles cost more as well due to VAT and VRT on top of that (Vehicle registration tax). The problem with cycling is that it rains all the time and you can't take the family, so they've got you by the short & curlies.

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