What a Stalin Quote About Rigging Elections Reveals About the 2020 Election

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Re: What a Stalin Quote About Rigging Elections Reveals About the 2020 Election

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It's early days but if, as Carl says [0], the money moves away from the support of political figures then they could find themselves unemployed [1] in two year's time. Already Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and Citigroup have started off in this vein. Early days 2, when somebody becomes toxic to the powers up there investigations have a tendency to find all sorts of skeletons in cupboards and the support of the power base will make him a social pariah where it matters and his influence will fail. Either that or you are ripe for a full civil war and you can guess where Trump will be leading his insurrection from? Argentina, Mexico or Venezuela for example, and he'll be on the opposite side of the wall he has been carefully building. Maybe that's why he wants to suddenly go and visit it, so he can slip over the border. I wonder what the extradition treaties are like with those south?

[0] follow the money
[1] People at the rank in both houses don't become unemployed - they either have enough money not to worry or they move to other public offices or executive directorships which could be mainly symbolic but drawing unemployment benefit would certainly not be a likely scenario. It happens over here all the time, is entirely unremarkable and not even news. It's not what you know but who you know.
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Re: What a Stalin Quote About Rigging Elections Reveals About the 2020 Election

Post by moonshadow »

Sometimes, the bad guy just wins... this ain't Hollywood (at least I don't think it is?...)

The good news, at least 50% of the nation knows the truth.
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Re: What a Stalin Quote About Rigging Elections Reveals About the 2020 Election

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Here's another quote -- and this one may give you hope for the future.  It was copied from one of the BBC Yearbooks from a long time ago and has only been slightly edited to disguise the person it was originally written about.
His theory of propaganda, as expounded with such a wealth of detail and such disregard for grammar, is already well known in this country. His purpose has been to create a mass of uniform and unthinking opinion completely subservient to his dictatorship. His avowed method is to appeal to the lowest instincts in human nature, namely to envy, malice, greed, fear, and conceit. He addresses himself not to the civilized mind of the nation but to its primitive, and often unconscious, emotions. He seeks from these emotions to create a nucleus of inflamed sentiment which can be lashed to fever-point, now from this direction and now from that, and which in itself precludes the critical or even the rational frame of mind. He aims at constantly maintaining this high temperature of sentiment by the use of symbols and bogies, and by the constant provision of some new excitement or some new hatred. He employs repetition, exaggeration, emphasis, and the distortion of reality as deliberate weapons wherewith to stun and shatter the intelligence of the people. He mouths fantastic promises, yells out imaginary threats, screams and weeps over fictitious grievances. He forces the whole people to identify their own fears and hopes and passions with the personality of their leader so that their leader becomes for them the embodiment of the national consciousness and thus - however inconsistent his pronouncements, however wild his ambitions, however dangerous his adventures - the repository of the national will. By these methods an extreme condition of mass-hallucination is attained ; the nation's energy and expectancy are tuned to so hysterical a pitch that the fine quality of self-sacrifice is distorted and disordered until it flickers on the edge of suicidal mania. There are people, even in this country, who have been so impressed by the effects of this herd hysteria, by the actual efficiency with which he has carried out his own plan of forcing the people not to think, that they forget to examine the very serious disadvantages which this method entails. His method is bound to fail in the end, since it is based upon the fundamental fallacy that the actions of mankind are invariably and permanently determined by their lower and not by their higher instincts. In taking as the type of average human being the very low individuals with whom he had himself consorted, he ignored the indisputable fact that in the end it is the virtues and not the vices of the human race which prevail. He believes, evidently, that he can continue for ever pandering to the greed, the vanity, the self-interest, or the cowardice of his fellow mortals. Indubitably he has succeeded within a limited area and for a limited time. But he has aroused in the world such a tide of antagonism as has faced him with a retribution which he will not be able to escape, since cynicism is an uncreative state of mind
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