Fantastic two weeks....

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Fred in Skirts
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Fantastic two weeks....

Post by Fred in Skirts »

I have just had fantastic two weeks as my youngest daughter and son-in-law were here visiting me. They left this morning to visit one of my grand sons in Savannah,Ga. :dance:

Of course I was wearing skirts all of the time. :thumleft: They do not have a problem with it at all. And had the restaurants been open we would have been to one for a couple of meals. However we cooked at home and really enjoyed each others company. My son in law is working from home and tel-commuting to work in Omaha. So he does not miss any work and it allows him to travel some. Of course after this virus fiasco is over he will be back into the office. :thumbdown:

So really great time... :thewave:
Fred :kiltdance:

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Re: Fantastic two weeks....

Post by STEVIE »

Hi Fred,
Glad to hear about someone having a good time with their family.
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