Brig. General Chuck Yeager

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Brig. General Chuck Yeager

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Chuck Yeager, U.S. Air Force officer who broke speed of sound, dies at 97
“America’s greatest Pilot, & a legacy of strength, adventure, & patriotism will be remembered forever,” his wife said.


One of the many people who inspired me to become an aviator :!:
An Aviation Pioneer, R.I.P. Mr Yeager :!:

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Re: Brig. General Chuck Yeager

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Hell of a man. I have his 1980s biography.

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Re: Brig. General Chuck Yeager

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Trust a man's wife to say her husband is/was "the greatest (in his trade)."

For my money, Jimmy Doolittle was the greatest. To make sure nothing got by him while he was developing airplanes or systems he became the first person ever to get a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering. From MIT no less! He was known as "The Master of the Calculated Risk;" I expect with his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering, he could often give those risks a numerical value.

About the time Yeager was lionizing his father for not coming to the White House to receive the Medal of Honor because Pres. Truman was presenting it, I gave up on Yeager, his father and his book.

I wound up giving the autobiography to a neighbor who told it wasn't well written but it had some interesting episodes in an exciting life.

That's the great thing about heroes, we all can find one that's just right for oneself. You say potahtoe, I say Doolittle. I say toemaytoe, you say Yeager. Why not? To each his own.
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