Coffee Drinker?

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Re: Coffee Drinker?

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I alternate between English tea and ground coffee.

Tea in the UK is way better and cheaper than it is in other European countries, the reverse is true for coffee, so I bring tea to Sweden and coffee to England.
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Re: Coffee Drinker?

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JeffB1959 wrote:
Fri Nov 06, 2020 9:12 am
Funny thing is, I actually like the smell of coffee, it's the taste I can't handle.
Good coffee, made well should taste as good as it smells otherwise most often it doesn't.
The people at the Post Office often comment on the aroma when my freshly roasted coffee beans arrive.
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Re: Coffee Drinker?

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I like coffee through the day, if it is good filtered coffee I drink it black and unsweetened, if instant it has to be a good one, strong, with a little milk and a spoon of sugar. Late afternoon onward I will switch to tea, little bit of sugar and a few drops of milk, so it is still dark, I hate milky tea but prefer to have a tiny bit of milk in it. Alcohol wise, I like wine, red, white, not pink. I like a gin + tonic, sometimes a whisky. I miss pubs and I miss real ale, really hoping normality returns at least partially, I want to get back to running our annual real ale festival. I also like good ciders.
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