Rules for Retirement

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Uncle Al
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Rules for Retirement

Post by Uncle Al »

Something I try to live by :D
Retirement Rules 2020-10-11.jpg
May your retirement be beautiful :!:

Uncle Al
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Fred in Skirts
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Re: Rules for Retirement

Post by Fred in Skirts »

A very good thing to live by and it will make you have less stress in the long run..

Retirement is stressful at its best especially when you are used to running the job every day and suddenly you have no job to run.
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Re: Rules for Retirement

Post by Spirou003 »

That's why I attach small importance to my job (and consequently a big importance to what I do outside of it), so that when I work less than usual (and even not at all for some period), it makes no problem for me :P
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Re: Rules for Retirement

Post by Kirbstone »

I notice right in the middle of that 'rules' is 'Travel the World' Nice idea, but in the current climate not allowed. To preserve social distancing perhaps a ride on the ISS might get you round the Globe without meeting too many people....perhaps a couple-a fellow billionaires!

For my retirement I have once again contributed to local Global Warming and invested in tons of solid fuel....Turf. I am aware that all sorts of treasures thousands of years old have been unearthed preserved in bogs and my efforts revealed this remnant of an old turf wall today. Exhaustive dating procedures came up with a result that this remnant dates all the way back to 2018. :roll:
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Re: Rules for Retirement

Post by crfriend »

Retirement? No such luxury for a Gen-X working-man in the USA, I'll be working until the day I drop dead -- and given the way things are going societally and economically the "drop dead" notion may be preferable to soldiering on.

Tom: I do hope we can have that traipse around Boston's North End someday, even if many of the touchstones are gone. But, like historical novelists, I can weave a good yarn and have managed to snare a (slightly) younger co-worker into an interested state to do the thing. "Once this pandemic is over, I'm in!", came the response when I mentioned the notion in passing as I was commenting on how cities sometimes tell their histories independent of what the local governments may be doing to the raiment.

'Tis good to hear that the new Children's Hospital won't damage the canal-works of Dublin. History deserves to live alongside the present wherever possible.

I still marvel at the fact that a century ago I could have started a journey to Dublin, or London, or the antipodes starting with a short walk. Today it requires all manner of unpleasantness -- starting with automobile travel because one cannot avoid that in the modern world. You see, where I used to live I was only a five or ten minute walk from one of the train stations in my old town (we actually had two, one in the valley near the centre of town and the other up on the hillside; when the reservoir for Boston was built in 1895 the valley was flooded, and now the old "downtown" is about 50 feet down, quite literally. Today, it's a bit different; it would be quite a haul to get to even the original train station in the valley (part of my current town having been submerged in the same act that drowned much of my old one). Today, the nearest railway station is in Worcester -- a fifteen or twenty minute car ride away...
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Re: Rules for Retirement

Post by Dottie »

Rule 1
Keep Breathing !
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Re: Rules for Retirement

Post by Sinned »

Carl, I am lucky enough to have ( accidentally, no real planning involved ) amassed sufficient financial resources in private pension plans to ensure that I won't go hungry - ever. I am also working in retail with a store that sells all sorts of household goods that are really essentials irrespective of what the Welsh government says. We are busy, busy, busy. Our store has a capacity of 98 customers and we have queues of people waiting to enter the store and queues waiting for the checkout. Sometimes we struggle to keep up with filling the shelves and the other housekeeping things that are involved in running a large store. What my wife and I earn along with my state pension means that I don't ( yet ) have to draw anything out of my personal pension. I enjoy my job, I get out of the house, meet people, talk to them, share laughter and, occasionally, tears with them, get out of my wife's hair for a few hours each day, keep physically and mentally active and I get paid as well. I will have to retire at some point but when that will be is unplanned at the moment.
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