Wurlitzer Unit Orchesta

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Uncle Al
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Wurlitzer Unit Orchesta

Post by Uncle Al »

So many don't understand what a Theatre Organ is.
We all get the "so you play at a church" comment or association.
These are much different from a classical (church) organ and include an entire "Toy Counter"
that has all the percussions (drums), marimba, glockenspiel, harp, piano, accordion and much
more even to tuned sleigh bells. As a theatre organist we are every musician, composer, arranger
and conductor simultaneously. The attached Wurlitzer ad puts it into perspective.
Wurlitzer Unit Ochestra ad 2020-10-11.jpg
They are fun to play, too :D

Uncle Al
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Re: Wurlitzer Unit Orchesta

Post by Rokje »

Wurlitzer did me think about jukeboxes not organs.

We got a AMI from 1952 that was broken, the record player was beyond repair. We already got a Rowe AMI from 1981 the R88, that's a 200 selection jukebox.

I started to remove de hardware from the 52 AMI, that was a 20 selection 78 rpm unit. I also removed all the lighting from the cabinet. It was 110 volts, not suitable over here where we use 240/220 volts equipment. I stripped the record player unit from the R88 cabinet and placed it in the 52 AMI cabinet. For the lighting I used RGB led self adhesive strips.
The result is this, a 200 selections stereo jukebox. An orchestra in a box :mrgreen:
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Re: Wurlitzer Unit Orchesta

Post by denimini »

Uncle Al wrote:
Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:40 pm
They are fun to play, too :D
I am sure and no doubt takes a lot of skill and expserience to get to that state.
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Re: Wurlitzer Unit Orchesta

Post by aussie08 »

Thank you Uncle Al for posting about the Unit Orchestra.
I really appreciated this.
Paul W
"Down Under"
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