Fashion from 1975

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Uncle Al
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Fashion from 1975

Post by Uncle Al »

How many people wore these :?:
J C Penny's 1975 Mens Wear Catalog JPG 2020-10-10.jpg
Men wore colorful clothing then, why not now :?:
Bring back the male peacock :!:

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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by Grok »

Not me. Back then I basically wore drab monkey suits.
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Fred in Skirts
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by Fred in Skirts »

I would not have been caught dead in one of those suits.
I thought they were for the hippies and Mary-Jane smokers..
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by pelmut »

Uncle Al wrote:
Sat Oct 10, 2020 9:12 pm
How many people wore these :?:
Three   ...and they were paid to do it.
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by crfriend »

Aside from the guy on the left with the silly hat and deep-plunge shirts, it mostly looks workable to me. The guy in the centre comes close to nailling it.
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by nzfreestyler »

Well I am a whipper snapper and wasn't around then... but I have worn some of the later 70's trends
Not the mens ones I am afraid... but it was quite a changing era back then coming out of that big disco genre....

Amuzing to see the men wore plunging necklines in the 70s as well as plunging dresses.

My favourite thing from the later 70s is the mule shoe - my go to in summer. They are my favourite - and still so trendy today.

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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

As a product of the early 1970s, I remember the paisley shirts, purples, greens and yellows, flared trousers.
I distinctly recall the purple paisley shirts that my dad wore, for some odd reason, that would have been around 1975 to 1976.
Then there was the men's walk shorts, socks up to the knees held with garters....

This was 15 years before mobile phones existed and 20 years before the internet became commonly used in homes...

Then in the mid to late 1980s, I remember pink ties and then traffic light tie dies shirts (I actually had one)...
Aside from fashions, there are times when if I could go back in time, it would be to the 1980s...
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by Dust »

Like NZF, I wasn't around then, but I'd like to see those colors and patterns return to menswear. Yellow pants? Bold patterned shirts? Yes, bring them back, please.
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by Faldaguy »

Dust » Sat Oct 10, 2020 9:23 pm

Like NZF, I wasn't around then, but I'd like to see those colors and patterns return to menswear. Yellow pants? Bold patterned shirts? Yes, bring them back, please.
Going back a bit more; (HS) I remember my cringing at a pair of 'calf-sh.. yellow' pants I got as a hand me down from a cousin in Wyoming -- wonder if it would have been easier had it been a skirt? :roll:
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by Shilo »

Is the guy on the left Freddie Mercury?
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by Spirou003 »

That's indeed quite coloured (like my wardrobe in some ways). I don't like how high are these pants, however
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Re: Fashion from 1975

Post by r.m.anderson »

Don't forget the leisure suits that were worn with/over these outfits - - -
Best part was no ties worn - of course how could you with those plunging neck lines !

Think along the lines of floral formal gear.

Those high waist pants still were well below the kilt belly button navel level and notice the sailor bell bottom on those pants.
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