A Man meets a Genie…

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A Man meets a Genie…

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A Man meets a Genie…

A young man is going about his regular day when a genie stops him and grants him one wish.

The man stops to think about it for a minute, then says, okay I got one. He tells the Genie for his wish he wants a bridge built from Los Angeles to Sydney so he can drive there whenever he wants.

The Genie immediately said no, its not possible. The Pacific is just too deep, their are currents, the bridge will never hold up. Its impossible, wish for something else.

A little upset that he can’t have his bridge the man comes up with another wish. He asks the Genie to make him understand how a woman’s mind works.

The genie replied, do you want the bridge to be 2 lanes or 4 lanes?

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Re: A Man meets a Genie…

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Be cautious letting your OH know your wishes! :)
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