social distancing at the Loo..

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social distancing at the Loo..

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I wonder who the obliviot was who came up with this....
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Re: social distancing at the Loo..

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Excellent! I think I might fall short!
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Re: social distancing at the Loo..

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A guy rocks up to an English pub and orders ten pints of ale. Landlord asks if he's expecting a crowd of his mates? The guy said No, he was going to drink them all himself, so over the next 90 minutes or thereabouts the guy succeeded in drinking them all. He then staggered out in the direction of the car park, stopped and went to open his fly.
The landlord had followed him and tapped him on the shoulder saying, 'You can't go to the loo here, Sir! ' The guy answered that he had no intention of that ....he was going to pee 'WAY OVER THERE', pointing to the hedge at the far side.

Perhaps he would have made it! :lol:

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Re: social distancing at the Loo..

Post by Shilo »

Thought that was going to be the one about the guy who walked into the pub and ordered ten pints before the trouble starts. As the Landlord was pouring them he began to drink them. He then asked for a double whisky before the trouble starts. As it was served he knocked it back in one and ordered another before the trouble starts
Intrigued , the landlord eventually asked. “What trouble is this then?”
The man replied; “I haven’t got any money!”🤩
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Re: social distancing at the Loo..

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Haha, I like the photo! :D
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