Update on my Wife

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Re: Update on my Wife

Post by New-in-Skirts »

My deepest sympathies are with you Uncle Al. I know myself what it is like to go through this time, its not easy. Take time to grieve and do whatever needs to be done for yourself to get through this.
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Re: Update on my Wife

Post by Uncle Al »

A video tribute, with music, for my wife of 49 years.

My Wife Became An Angel

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Re: Update on my Wife

Post by john62 »

Very nicely done, obviously a very talented lady.

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Re: Update on my Wife

Post by Kirbstone »

Very nice tribute, Uncle Al. I liked the choice of background tune too.....old Satchmo.

I can only wish you well in your re-adjustment following Deborah's passing. One of our closest friends was recently widowed and his assessment of his new situation is: 'It's a different Life'.

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Re: Update on my Wife

Post by denimini »

Thanks for sharing that tribute.

In 2 weeks time it will be 8 years since I lost Heather.
One gradually adjusts to the new reality but some situations will still bring a tear to my eyes.
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Re: Update on my Wife

Post by Fred in Skirts »

Beautifully done Al, a great tribute to Debbie.
Now remember to not stop taking care of yourself, It is easy to stop wanting to go on after the loss of the love of your life, Debbie would want you to continue to bring joy and happiness to the rest of your family.

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Re: Update on my Wife

Post by SkirtsDad »

Al, sorry to hear about the recent loss of your wife. I thought your tribute was really touching. Hope to see you on SkirtCafe when you feel more comfortable again.
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Re: Update on my Wife

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

Hello Al,

I am so sorry to read that your wife has died.

Take whatever time you need to grieve.
David, the PDX Fashion Pioneer

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