Marilyn Reincarnated

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Marilyn Reincarnated

Post by Fred in Skirts »

Got it
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Re: Marilyn Reincarnated

Post by beachlion »

Now I understand why they say the original is always better.
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Re: Marilyn Reincarnated

Post by crfriend »

Anybody who wears a skirt or kilt needs to (1) know that this sort of thing can happen and (2) how to mitigate the situation. Just sayin'
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Re: Marilyn Reincarnated

Post by nzfreestyler »

Another reason why I prefer a fitted skirt... no skirt volume to lift like that.
A b-line or a tailored skirt is just fine in a lot of wind....
I think Marilyn had her technique nailed down too - she had a bit more style? He's looking too awkward there... he needs to own that look....

Its true - you can't beat Marilyn.

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Re: Marilyn Reincarnated

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

In addition, Marilyn's shot wasn't a matter of happenstance, it was part of a movie scene. The special effects personnel had a fan on some sort of trolley rigged up to simulate a subway train passing below the sidewalk. They shot the scene in the middle of the night and Marilyn still drew a crowd.

Unfortunately, that shot also clinched Joe DiMaggio's decision to divorce her.

Which didn't stop him from sending flowers to her grave every single day after she died.
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