Dame Vera Lynn

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Uncle Al
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Dame Vera Lynn

Post by Uncle Al »

Famous vocalist from World War II passes away at 103 years of age :(


https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/entertainm ... Lb5Jr3Yziw

Vera Lynn Singing - "We'll Meet Again"

Rest In Peace Ms Lynn :!:

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Re: Dame Vera Lynn

Post by beachlion »

It is indeed a sad loss. She had a very unique voice. If you heard her once, you would never forget that sound.

She was also very popular in the Netherlands in the 50s and 60s. It is one of the voices I grew up with. In those days we had cable radio so a very limited choice of stations (4). In programs like the Dutch version of Music while you work, you did not have to wait long to hear Vera Lynn.

As a person she is no longer with us but her songs and the memories connected to them will be there forever.

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Re: Dame Vera Lynn

Post by Ralph »

I just came here to post about this, and I see you beat me to it! Hell of a birthday present for Sir Paul...

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Re: Dame Vera Lynn

Post by Sinned »

Huh, UA, "vocalist" indeed. She was more than that to us. You wouldn't appreciate what she was. She was a national treasure to more than one country. :)
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Re: Dame Vera Lynn

Post by Grok »

"We'll Meet Again" was used in the sound track for Dr. Strangelove.

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Re: Dame Vera Lynn

Post by Kirbstone »

Dame Vera was indeed a National Treasure and a lovely person as well.

She was blessed with a glorious sonority in her middle vocal range, in which all her material was pitched, so that lovely sound came through every single note she sang and it was effortless. All those songs were very singable and easy to remember and that was the key to their success and popularity.

May she rest in peace.

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Re: Dame Vera Lynn

Post by crfriend »

Kirbstone wrote:
Fri Jun 19, 2020 9:35 pm
Dame Vera was indeed a National Treasure and a lovely person as well.
Indeed, and Pink Floyd even paid homage to her in their 1979 album The Wall on the track entitled Vera.

Sad she's gone, but what a heck of a run!
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