Andy Rooney Once Said……

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Re: Andy Rooney Once Said……

Post by PatJ »

What Andy Rooney once said is irrelevant. We don't live in that world any more.

Society has moved on and we cannot live in the past. We live in the here and now,
and our actions need to build a stronger society for all people.

When I was very young, mothers stayed at home to take care of the household
chores and care for the children. Today, it takes two incomes to support a family
and the luxury of being a "stay-at-home mom" is a thing of the past. Society has
moved on and in many ways we have lost something, but life is to be lived so we
move forward.

The things that Andy Rooney talked about are things of the past. They are gone.

Virtues of honesty, trust worthiness, integrity, hard working, etc. are the only
things from the past that need to be maintained.

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Re: Andy Rooney Once Said……

Post by moonshadow »

Y'all are wasting your time.

Come December I will 40 years old, and in all those four decades I can not recall one instance where a mind was changed.

The only thing the internet did was drive those stakes a little deeper in the ground.

The reason we do not self destruct is the same reason we do not prosper... and that is the ratio of true liberators vs people who have their head up their own asses seems about 50/50.

If you're good at heart, be the change you want to see, for as was indicated above, the mere exchanging of opinions online doesn't serve any purpose other than to state your mind.

If you're a jerk, by all means, such is your right. I just count my blessings I don't have to live in your head.... I'd hate to think my heart and soul was consumed with so much anger and hatred.
-Moon Shadow
"How do you propose to control me when you can't even control yourself?"

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Re: Andy Rooney Once Said……

Post by oldsalt1 »

Jim wrote:I think anyone who supports what Andy Rooney called "a collection of racist and sexist remarks" needs to do some serious soul-searching and repenting.

Sorry Jim I have searched my soul and find nothing to repent . I just hope that you will be happy with what you are going to end up with
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