For your sarcastic friends

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For your sarcastic friends

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Re: For your sarcastic friends

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I remember from my teen years being round a friends house, where my pal was giving his mom some "backchat" over something or other. At one point she turned around and, in a withering tone, uttered the phrase "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit". Without missing a beat, he was back at his mother with his reply "And the highest form of intelligence". Somebody had clearly been reading Oscar Wilde :-)

On that note, I love the response to "you can't polish a turd". And don't get me started on the response to someone saying that their mouth feels like the bottom of a birdcage!!!!! If you know that one, don't post it up here as Carl won't be amused :-)

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Re: For your sarcastic friends

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Finish it: "I'm not surprised you had a cockatoo in it last night!" :hide:

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Re: For your sarcastic friends

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Not a nice thread. Best buried.

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Re: For your sarcastic friends

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Before it gets locked; the response to the first one :— but you can roll it in glitter

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