Referencing My Book World.

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Referencing My Book World.

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I do not know how the world of the bookworm is progressing during these hard times ...I could go into
my favourite Book Shop in Penzance...Up on Market Jew Street...for them to do a search on any second hand book
with an ISO stock an example....Ship wrecks of the Great Barrier search produced a 1962 publication...
Another was ..The Life and Times of Bonnie Prince Charlie...A 2 inch thick Volume....
A new publication of The Art of Kilt Making by Professor Barbara Tuwkesburys ?...was found in the U.K.....
the lady with brains for rocks.... Reference Xmarks The Scot...

Please remember that I ramble out of the top of my head without any Cross Referencing or spelling checks.

To Continue....a young lady took an apprenticeship with Gordons the Military Kilt Maker of Glasgow ...She then
Travelled to America to teach the Americans how to make Kilts....Barbara ...joined one of Elsie's classes and made
herself a Kilt..Then Elsie asked Barbara to ghost write Elsies Technique for Traditional Scottish Kilt Making...
Barbara prepared the Illustrations and her husband took all the Photos......So it took three of them
to provide the information now in my library....within a week a copy of the book appeared in the bookshop
known as the Edge of the World....Just flash my card over the Machine and the book was mine....
I think I mentioned this book only a week ago
Anyway to continue ...This book shop is currently closed....but I would assume they may be operating behind closed doors.'
This C19 thing is producing some refining of high street trading.....Roderick
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