A (Very) Good Watch

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A (Very) Good Watch

Post by crfriend »

I've been using some of my term of house-arrest in a time of modern plague to revisit some things I've carried around in my memory for some time, including the original 1978 Season One of Connections by James Burke. The thing may be had at Archive.org and is most definitely work a watch.

Burke has some street-cred in this subject as he was the BBC correspondent who covered the Apollo missions of the '60s and early '70s. It's nice to see that there was -- at least then -- some interest in where we've come from, as well as some worries about where we were going.

Inevitably, it's a bit dated, and there was no-one then who could have foreseen the way things would go politically the whole world over; but his thrust is primarily technical and the politics of the now don't even factor into the analysis then. How could they? They were still 42 years into the future.

Series One made me laugh; it made me cry; however, most importantly, it made me think. And it made me remember, as some of the events portrayed I recall vividly as they happened during my own life-span. Astonishing.
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Re: A (Very) Good Watch

Post by beachlion »

Thanks for pointing this out. I always liked the episodes but I did not have always the time or possibility to watch them. I will check them out.
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