The Freedom Virus: Are you infected?

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Re: The Freedom Virus: Are you infected?

Post by skirtyscot »

Anyone here unfortunate enough to live in Wisconsin? ... us-primary
Keep on skirting,


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Re: The Freedom Virus: Are you infected?

Post by Coder »

skirtyscot wrote:
Sat Apr 11, 2020 3:30 pm
Anyone here unfortunate enough to live in Wisconsin? ... us-primary
That’s one to watch for sure. We (Michigan) had a primary - AND several huge rallies - a week or two before our state shut down. We are now #3 in the nation for cases. Some of that could be due to DTW and international travel.

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Re: The Freedom Virus: Are you infected?

Post by Faldaguy »

by skirtyscot » Sat Apr 11, 2020 9:30 am
Anyone here unfortunate enough to live in Wisconsin? ... us-primary
Thanks Skirtyscot, I was just about to post the same link.

What a lot of folk do not yet know, is that this same process has been going on across the country, for several years now. The Supreme Court ruling pretty much solidified the tactic and the now loaded courts from the Trump admin have pretty much assured there is no remedy, until and if by some miracle the Democrats can wangle a term with a couple of SCOTUS appointments.

Here is another article about Thomas Hofeller, the Republican statagists that spent years putting this scheme into place -- and only by his death and his daughter handing over his hard drive did the scope of the scam become better known.

Today's headlines: The WH pushes to eliminate vote by mail affirm the fear of those who think there may not be an election in November may be essentially correct. Election or not, you can be dang sure the extent of manipulation will be sophisticated with 'deniability' built in to cover any outcome. ... eller.html

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Re: The Freedom Virus: Are you infected?

Post by PatJ »

Yes! I am from Wisconsin - Yes! The Republican Party is out of Control!
No! At my age and health I am high risk for Covid 19 virus and risking
my life to vote for a Supreme Court judge was not high priority for me
so I stayed at home. (The Presidential Primaries have been decided.)
Yes! up to a few years ago I voted Republican. No! I refuse to vote
Republican in the future. (Governor Walker was so antilabor that I did
not vote for him or any Republican Candidate since.)

No! I do not like Trump nor do I like Biden! I think that it is disgusting
that by the time the primary election reached Wisconsin, the choice
was between two men who look old enough to be retired.

So Yes! I am very infected with the Freedom Virus! In fact I am so ill
from the Freedom Virus that I choose to vote only for those candidates
that I feel are not out to use the office to further their own personal
wealth. (The ballots need a line "NONE OF THE ABOVE" and if none of
the above gets the majority, the office is left empty until a qualified
candidate wins. Those who tried and lost are disqualified from running
in a second election

I would like to see a third political party formed. Not Left - Not Right -
but one that is in the middle of the road.

I am very ill over partisan politics and as a student of history, I see us
ripe for a political upheaval and it won't be pretty if it happens.

My apologies if my remarks offend any readers, and if the powers that
be decide to remove this post, I do understand. (It is a matter very near
and dear to me since the article posted tells the truth about what is
actually happening in Wisconsin politics.)

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Re: The Freedom Virus: Are you infected?

Post by Shilo »

I think you’ve got a very good bead on things Patj. Unfortunately I don’t think your proposed changes are likely to happen anytime soon.
As far as offending others, the truth sometimes hurts.
Incidentally, now that most of the major decisions have been taken, DT is emerging to congratulate himself on his leadership sic.
To misquote Dickens. God help us everyone.

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