Corona Virus

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Re: Corona Virus

Post by Kirbstone »


I am sorry to read of your father's distress, but you say he has been a life-long chain smoker until recently.

(Med. hat on)...Lungs, which transfer oxygen from the breathed-in air to the bloodstream do so through the areolae, tiny little seperate sacks like bunches of grapes which normally have a very great internal surface area, so oxygen is rapidly talen up.

Smoking introduces carbon monoxide into the lungs daily which over time destroys the internal walls of the areolae, making them fuse into larger sacks with vastly reduced internal surface area and reduced oxygen transfer. This condition is irreversible and is described by Medics as Emphysema.

Alas, there is no cure, but those so affected may gain some help from regular use of an oxygen apparatus, which needs to be at hand wherever they are.

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Re: Corona Virus

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More good news for smokers: tobacco leaves are slightly sticky, nasties in the air setlle on and stick to the tobacco and the washing process does not remove them all. One of the nasties in the environment that sticks to tobacco is polonium 210, this is one of the major causes of lung cancer and is also the stuff that killed that Russian spy in England a few years back.

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Re: Corona Virus

Post by mishawakaskirt »

Since we are all family here, I just want you to know for know for the sake of knowing. I'm not fishing for a bunch of oh my and getwell soons. Prayer is always encouraged.

Early Saturday morning (1/15/22) I started getting sick, 48 hours later my wife started getting sick, while we are both very sick, we have not required medical intervention. Covid is certainly a very tough bug. The sickest I've been in 10 years or more. The worst for me is my fever lasted for two days straight. And also nearly migraine intense headaches. If this was a pre Covid society, I probably would have muddled back to work today. (1/19/22) But because of all the isolation rules in the workforce. Im unable to go back to work until sometime next week. After seeing how easily it spreads, that is reasonable to follow.
Lack of pay sucks, but I figure I'll take it easy, but try to get some projects done in the house, cleaning and organizing and such.

Our mode of tackling this suck y sickness has been a host of vitamins, Zican. zinc, vitamin C, D, elderberry syrup, minerals, turmeric and essential oils. And hot herbal teas.
In case you were wondering we DID NOT get the Jab. That should always remain a personal choice.

I certainly feel for people that have lost people to this bug. I have never seen a more varied illness from. "Am I Sick???? To "there is nothing we can do, better make funeral plans" I know both.

In any case I'm still glad we are green side up.
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Re: Corona Virus

Post by moonshadow »

mishawakaskirt wrote:
Thu Jan 20, 2022 2:02 am
In any case I'm still glad we are green side up.
And you just keep your ass on this side of the ground... remember big guy, you promised me a coffee on your porch one day!

Or maybe it was a beer... shoot I can't remember! :wink:

Ah, just a sweet tea will do fine... I reckon y'all Hoosiers know how to make southern sweet tea right??

Seriously friend, take care of yourself. We're keeping you in our thoughts. Keep us posted! I'm sure you'll be fine, most people beat this thing.
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Re: Corona Virus

Post by Ray »


I have no sympathy. You brought this on yourself. Suck it up. Inaction has consequences.

When millions die and the impact on those who have serious ailments is huge (no operations / treatment at hospital because the unvaccinated idiots have clogged up the system), then the vaccine should be mandatory. It’s not about the individual - it’s about the wider good of society.

That said, I hope you both get better - and reflect on your personal choices. I won’t pray for you because there are no gods. I hope you understand.
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