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Re: Engineers

Post by FranTastic444 »

My dad worked as a toolmaker (operating a large milling machine). They had an old boy come in for a couple of hours a day to clean up all of the metal shavings that had built up since his last visit. He was known, affectionately, as the swarf engineer :-)
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Re: Engineers

Post by kingfish »

My last one was a bit of humor. A bit that, like Carl said, hits remarkably close to the mark.

In general, Engineers are problem solvers.

And that generalization works whether he's at the throttle making sure the locomotive keeps rolling down the track, making sure the ship's engine(s) running, fixing the plumbing in your hotel room, hashing out the details for some architect's dream, or putting together some new gizmo for some pointy-haired-management type. Engineering is problem solving.

Beyond that I also have another favorite engineer joke.
It is something I call "The Art of Engineering".
It is something that I satirically spell out in the following sentence:
The art of engineering is finding the right wrench to pound home the correct screw.

Improvise...Adapt...Make it up as we go along.
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Re: Engineers

Post by crfriend »

kingfish wrote:
Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:48 am
Improvise...Adapt...Make it up as we go along.
And learn from when we screw up.

See Henry Petrosky's wonderful book, To Engineer is Human (The Role of Failure in Successful Design), ISBN: 0-679-73416-3. I keep a copy on my night-stand.
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Re: Engineers

Post by Kirbstone »

Yes, and appropos the eventual use of the 'Great Eastern', they hadn't a clue to the real mountainous and techtonic topography of the Atlantic (or any other) ocean floor and at first failed to pay out sufficient surplus cable per mile travelled, so the cables snapped several times in the laying of them.

All is very well chronicled at the Transatlantic Cable museum in Knightstown, Valentia, the landing place of the first successful cable from Nova Scotia. Another cable landed at Ballinskelligs nearby, just a stone's throw from our holiday bolthole. The local pub is called 'Cable O'Leary's' after a gentleman of that name who had a lot to do with the installation of it.

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Re: Engineers

Post by PatJ »

kingfish wrote:
Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:48 am

In general, Engineers are problem solvers.
A clergyman and an engineer were both sentenced to death by the guillotine.
The clergyman had to go first, but when the blade was dropped, it jerked to a
stop an inch above his neck. A miracle was declared and the clergyman was set

When the engineer's turn came, he said to the executioner, "If you move that
knot in the rope 12 inches this way, you will have better luck!"
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