Mainly for the benefit of our non-US readers - music resource

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Mainly for the benefit of our non-US readers - music resource

Post by FranTastic444 »

Until I lived in the US I'd never heard of NPR. They have some great music output, interviews and performances. I often dip into the Tiny Desk shows to listen to artists I might not otherwise have come across. Here are a couple of examples -

An interview with Jeff Lynne

Tiny Desk performance by Mandolin Oragne
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Re: Mainly for the benefit of our non-US readers - music resource

Post by crfriend »

Ah, Jeff Lynne -- one of the unsung heroes of modern pop music. He and his band, Electric Light Orchestra have done more to push the genre forward than, perhaps, any other force. Abba were good, but ELO were so far ahead or their time that we're only now catching up.

I'm not just drawn to the music of ELO's that's gotten airplay, I'm drawn to the stuff that's truly spectacular and a joy to listen to. Fire on High has been very high on my list for years, and it wasn't until I was in a very, very dark place indeed a few years ago that I heard their concept album Time which seriously got my attention. He's done work in film, notably Xanadu where ELO contributed a couple of pieces that greatly enhance the movie, and also in Electric Dreams where they again contributed several including one that hilariously captures "the cadence of timesharing" in the PDP-10 world in Let it Run which is paced perfectly to match the way that the lights on a running KI-10 danced to the demand placed on the system.

Don't even get me started on Mr. Blue Sky, which is a piece I cannot listen to without crying -- not out of sadness, but happiness! Then there's Save Me Now which entirely likely helped back away from a precipice in 2013.
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Re: Mainly for the benefit of our non-US readers - music resource

Post by r.m.anderson »

NPR = National Public Radio
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Re: Mainly for the benefit of our non-US readers - music resource

Post by Big and Bashful »

ELO, first exposure to ELO that I remember was Livin' Thing on Top of the Pops. I bought A New World Record as a result and have been a fan of ELO ever since. I still listen to them a LOT, on vinyl I have every ELO album up till Discovery and agree with you Carl, Fire on High is brilliant, can't remember which single it was a B side to, but it was, I used to stick it on on the Juke Box in a Sheffield pub. 2 tracks I kept playing there were this one and Working Class Hero by John Lennon.
Never really listened to any ELO after Discovery, there was too much disco influence on Discovery and I thought they had lost it after that, must try putting it in my ears now to see if it fits!
At the moment the ELO albums I regularly listen to from start to finish are A New World Record, Out of the Blue and Face the Music. So many classics on these three albums!
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