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Re: Morning Forecast

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Kirbstone wrote:Nice to have had someone video you, Uncle Al. That little jingle is a tad too short to empty a church, but I expect it could be repeated in various voices on that wonderful instrument.
That is an engaging little clip, but, as pointed up, is way too brief to "empty a church". However, never underestimate how many voices those theatre organs have.
At Easter (twice) I had arranged 'Easter Parade' to sound like a toccata and not everybody copped it, but the Archdeacon, himself a very good voice, who took the service shook my hand outside the door and said 'That was Easter Parade, wasn't it ?' and I just laughed.
Isn't music grand! Driving from work to my local yesterday afternoon, the classical music station I listen to played Salieri's "26 Variations on the Follias d'Espagne" (originally by Antonio Vivaldi) which caused my brain some annoyance because it was maddeningly familiar. It took a few minutes, but eventually the pattern-matcher betwixt my ears provided the modern answer to my knowledge of the piece: Vangelis' Conquest of Paradise. It was giggles first and then full-blown laughter -- imagine that: a contemporary of Mozart riffing on a guy long before him being riffed on by a composer in the modern era. I love music. The best part is that all of the themes stand strongly on their own feet!
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Re: Morning Forecast

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Sarcastic comments? How gauche! I’d never consider such a thing...
As a matter of fact, the sun DOES shine out of my ...

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