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Auto-Correct is a drunk elf 2019-07-20.jpg
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Re: Auto-Correct?

Post by beachlion »

Whenever I can, I switch auto-correct off. I'm capable enough to make my own mistakes. I don't need any help in that. ;)
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Re: Auto-Correct?

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It can come up with the correct spelling if you set it to UK English (in Australia) but can still insert a completely wrong word. Like trying and help someone with a bad stammer.
You need to thoroughly proof read after auto-correct which seems counterintuitive.
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Re: Auto-Correct?

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Why does one suppose that I use the term "auto-corrupt" instead of what the marketers would prefer?
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Re: Auto-Correct?

Post by FranTastic444 »

If you stick with it, it learns your writing style and, in my case at least, has become pretty good at correcting all of the mistakes I make as I type. I tend to use the phone only for txt messages and brief replies to emails. My 'quality browsing time' is almost always carried out on a desktop or laptop using a traditional keyboard. It is beyond me how people manage to use phones and iPads and the like to do all of their browsing.

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