Some follow up thoughts on a derailed thread....

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Re: Some follow up thoughts on a derailed thread....

Postby dillon » Thu May 16, 2019 12:39 am

Big and Bashful wrote:There is an answer for spent fuel, the fuel can be re-processed into fresh fuel for reactors, it has been done in the past. I was surprised to hear that the British re-processing plants at Sellafield are now being decommissioned. As far as I can gather there is only one reason this is happening, economics. Currently it is more economical to mine fresh uranium out of the ground, the wholesale price for fresh uranium is lower than the cost of re-processing "spent" fuel. This is ludicrous, when I completed my nuclear course 11 years ago one statistic that stuck in my head was that at the rate of extraction and use we have maybe 50 years worth of useable known uranium stocks on the planet. So when the oil runs out, so will the uranium if we carry on the way we are going. Rather than vitrifying spent fuel we should be reprocessing and getting every last useable watt out of the fuel we have.
Of course there is a downside to reprocessing, as there is to refining and enriching fresh fuel, the processes involve nasty chemicals, waste products and cost money and energy themselves, so whatever we do there is a downside somewhere!
Then there is thorium, lots of thorium, maybe three times as much as uranium, can't be turned into plutonium, can be turned into fissile reactor fuel. From memory India is made of the stuff! Three times as much as uranium, hmmm, so 200 years then the reactors are empty of fuel, kind of glad I am not immortal!

We only have one little rock to live on, billions of us, all breeding like people (or rabbits), still the few rich people making the decisions do not need to care what the rest of us are up to as their money breeds and their air con. works!

Bitter? who me? Hell yes!

On that happy note, I have a bottle of white wine chilling, lumps of meat thawing, Sun outside (yes, even on Scotland!) and a comfortable skirt on as well as gas for the barbecue, and today's nuclear emergency (exercise) was successful. Let the cremation commence!

Wine is fine, but liquor is quicker!
As a matter of fact, the sun DOES shine out of my ...
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