April Fool

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April Fool

Post by dillon »

My favorite “April Fool’s Day” gag is one my major professor in graduate school pulled on me. He left a note on my desk that said “Call Mr. (Whoever) at (some local phone). He has a box for you.”

Of course I complied. The number was for a local Funeral Home. The individual to whom I was referred was a mortician, who educated me with a “Son, do you know what day this is?” It was only then that I realized the date was April 1st, some time around 1982. Apparently I was not the first April Fool he had encountered.
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Re: April Fool

Post by john62 »

The Victoria Police issued a statement yesterday, "they have a new uniform for undercover police".


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Re: April Fool

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Believe it or not I did not hear of one April Fools joke being played on any one, my buddy who works in a mall driving a train said he did not have any jokes played on him nor did he hear of any. I am wondering if it is all just passing on with the loss of the older generation on if the current political idiotic scene has anything to do with it...... :(
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