The Job Hunt begins...

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Dear Kingfish,

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Good luck :!:
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Re: The Job Hunt begins...

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Congratulations. It is always good to know you have solid ground under your feet. Even if it is less solid than in other highly industrialized countries.
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Re: The Job Hunt begins...

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Congratulations, it's always nice to have paid employment. May you be happy in your new role. I'm close to retirement and happy in my retail position. It's part-time really, 16-24 hours per week but that suits me. I'm not going to stop work when I "retire" in March next year. With a reasonable wage, my statutary pension and other bits and pieces I may net even have to draw much, if anything, from my personal pension funds. In fact, I may be hard pushed to spend it all. Being naturally careful with my money I will take the 25% tax-free entitlement and enjoy a few luxuries for a change.
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