For Music Lovers!!

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For Music Lovers!!

Post by Fred in Skirts »

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Re: For Music Lovers!!

Post by crfriend »

Cadence to Arms. My late ex and I saw these guys one Saint Patrick's Day a number of years ago after being pushed into Boston by MBTA locomotive 1066 and they brought the house down. 'Twas a grand experience. Hilariously, it was the same beast that hauled us back to Worcester and home.

Long live the bagpipes and all their magic.

Here's another pipe melody, this time paired with oboe instead of electric guitar. Different pipes to be sure.

To crib the line from Mark Knopfler, If there are no pipes in Heaven, I'll be goin' down below. Even though I don't play, I'll be a piper 'til the end.

And, gratuitously, Knopfler again with Wild Theme from Local Hero.
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Re: For Music Lovers!!

Post by STEVIE »

As a Scot, one can only agree with the sentiments here.
The bagpipes played well are heavenly, badly, you do not wish to contemplate.
Worth noting that the Scottish Pipes have the highest decibel count of any hand held instrument in the world.
It is no accident that they went to war with us.

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Re: For Music Lovers!!

Post by FranTastic444 »

I've heard that the definition of a perfect gentleman as being a man who can play the bagpipes. And doesn't :-)

The Dropkick Murphy's have a big following in Boston, particularly with the student population. Carl, as luck would have it they are playing 3 nights at the House of Blues next week.

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