Cornish Commercial Property for Sale

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Cornish Commercial Property for Sale

Postby weeladdie18 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:18 am

We seem to be going through difficult times with cash flow and small commercial business...Some members may have their own reflections on this matter.
I have a store rented from a enough but difficult access....I have not used the commercial fishing gear in the store for five years

So get rid of the stock...I have equipment in another store 5 miles away......I was talking to another dealer....he rents short term high street stores...
Some how or other they deal in shelves of second hand books....THE SHELVES ARE MOVED from store to store.

One dealer gave up die cast models and just specialised in second hand books...and did the book fairs...I buy lots of reference books and use a
large museum library.......

I have the contents of a house to dispose of........One gentleman has just ceased trading in his second hand book shop

Just around the corner a retired couple are trying to sell the freehold on a hardwear and angling store ...they have planning permission for flats....

All the remaining stock is up for sale half price.... a friend was managing the sale of the stock as she had some of her own stock to dispose of...
There is still plenty of empty floor space in this property....Now I can see the shop was a car show room on a corner.....There is a problem ...
It is in a holiday village and can only turn over the stock in the summer.....The freehold owners are stuck trying to sell freehold on a property which
cannot trade efficiently......These people cannot get their heads together as to how to make money....

Anyone got any thoughts ?.....................weeladdie
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Re: Cornish Commercial Property for Sale

Postby dillon » Sun Mar 03, 2019 3:11 am

Band together in a network and jointly operate an EBay or Etsy shop. I think internet commerce will kill small businesses. And it appears to have a tough effect even on big retail chains. Too, people are today less interested in buying things than in buying experiences. Not sure how you make that transition especially at our age.
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Re: Cornish Commercial Property for Sale

Postby weeladdie18 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 6:44 pm

One of the problems with Ebay is getting a white van delivery to a recipient address....If the white van cannot deliver to the address as per the
purchasers address one has to track the delivery to establish the warehouse location of the goods....It takes one and a half hours to fly parcels
from Scotland and two hours to deliver goods in a white van...Then undelivered goods go 16 miles up the road and a new receipt of the parcel has to
be arranged......Sometimes my delivery instructions are ...Low value package no signature required....when the parcel is tracked down
The delivery instructions are not on the parcel.

Tail gate lift required for pallet delivery an instruction which certainly confuses a white van man...when he has a pallet of goods in his van which he
cannot unload ....perhaps a crate weighing 250 kilos......

Some of the heavy goods delivery companies carry their own fork lift truck on the back of their delivery vehicle.... Delivery is a nightmare.........
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