December 21st

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Re: December 21st

Postby Daryl » Mon Dec 24, 2018 6:38 am

r.m.anderson wrote:
Daryl wrote:
mishawakaskirt wrote:Well here we are at December 21st the winter solstice for those of us in the northern hemisphere.
And also one of the shortest days of the year.
A great day to curl up under a blanket and watch video Christmas movies. 36 degrees Fahrenheit here, no snow in the forecast, looking like it's going to be brown dreary start to the winter season.

Snow-free here in Toronto as well, and temperatures just barely above or below freezing. I always love the solstice because even though the coldest weather is yet to come, the days keep getting longer, and that makes the cold seem less depressing somehow.

Lucky for you living on the your side of Lake Ontario - the other side gets the lake effect snow BIG TIME !
And the prevailing winds west to east help in that but not in the temperature - you get some of the residual
after effects of the Alberta Clippers across the Canadian plains if it isn't deflected thru my area in Minnesota
across Wisconsin and causing havoc in Chicago. Being diverted by southerly winds (pressure zones) the weather
movement eventually crossing Lake Ontario and moves on to tickle crfriend in New England - Ho ho ho - Bah Hum Bug !

Oh yeah, the poor folks on the other side of the lake get no peace. Both Lake Eerie and Lake Ontario whack 'em with lake effect snowfall so bad it hurts up here. The Golden Horseshoe is climatically blessed in many ways, including that one.
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