The Weather and The Seasons.

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The Weather and The Seasons.

Postby weeladdie18 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:22 am

Our lives are governed by the weather and the seasons....Commercial Fishing , Agriculture ,Trade and Leisure . Every day the weather changes
slightly.....We claim our U.K. weather is possibly three weeks behind the systems on the North American Continent.

In the past week our temperature in S.W. Cornwall has dropped from 30 C to 20 C . There is an Autumnal Nip in the Air.
Last Tuesday was my Birthday. For Two days we had drizzle. Then on Tuesday the weather perked up..The evening Adult sailing on the Helford River
had been cancelled the previous week due to a forecast of force 4 to 5 winds.
On my birthday the weather improved and we sailed to the other side of the river for an Annual Barbeque which had been postponed from the
previous week .
Tuesday was neap tides and light wind Force 2 . Calm water with the last of the ebb tide going down the river. Beautiful Barbie weather.

We had a 19 foot Drascome Lugger with an outboard motor. As we motored back across the river I looked at my Birthday Sunset on the
North bank of the River behind the trees...I could have been anwhere in the world.
Somewhere along that bank there are some Californian Pine trees. and big white mansions.
Our sailing club house is on the top of a high bank. Three miles from the river Mouth into Falmouth bay.

Clothes for the evening . Bare feet, shorts , tee shirt and fishermans smock with big pockets at the waist..that is my way to dress to go boating.

In another post I will explain how I am piling on the heavier clothes for day wear over my summer skirts
as the days shorten toward the Autumn Equinox

First day of Autumn is 23 September . BigTides and changing of the clocks. Our average spring tide is approx. 15 to 20 feet. .... weeladdie
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Re: The Weather and The Seasons.

Postby weeladdie18 » Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:29 am

Met office Forecast Lizard Lighthouse...Try a google or use your own location .....might be accurate to within an hour .

Probably W x N.... possibly Yachtsmans Gale 4 to 5 , might see some sun late morning possibly 17 C

Check weather pattern on Met Office Surface Pressure the clouds at dusk and dawn
Check your own single observer forecast...This is a complicated science in its own right.
0600 Hrs Dawn is coming... I can clouds to S E from my computer position....If I walk 200 yards I can see the sea
I am told that if I can look out of my window and see the sea I will go mad.
Time to get my day together
Tom ...there is an Uffa Fox ...Albacore in the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth
about half an hour away from me . I think I paid £10 for an annual access ticket. I go an have a cup of tea on the first Floor and look out across
The Harbour.....Get in the look out or the Reference Library and a new visitor would be free from the world for a couple of days.

Must get my 13 G R P Punt launched ....Powered with a pair of 12 foot oars and has a 4 Inch rocker keel and twin beach keels. ......weeladdie
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