Having insecurities? It's all in you own mind!

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Having insecurities? It's all in you own mind!

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You think YOU have insecurities :?:

No One Noticed This Woman Was Wearing Nothing But Paint

This young lady faced her 'fear' head on.
She found that her 'fear' was only in her own mind.
(And you think you can't wear a skirted garment :twisted: )

How many of you can relate to this :?:

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Re: Having insecurities? It's all in you own mind!

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There have been lots of examples of women, and it is virtually exclusively women, going out and about in just body paint and very few noticing anything. But like wearing a skirt, even though you know that your nudity would be invisible it still takes courage and confidence to do so. I couldn't do it, not because I lack the chutzpah but I have body hair and if it would mean shaving my chest hair off then MOH would go nuts. But yeah there is a similarity in what she did and us wearing skirts. I notice that it didn't give a full head-to-toe picture of the final result.
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